Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Easter- Melkam Fasika!

It was Easter in Ethiopia this weekend, a week later than the rest of the world. Here it is called Fasika. I love Easter in Ethiopia. Actually it is my most favourite time of year here.
Little Salam poses for photo on Good Friday

Most Ethiopian Orthodox Christians finish a 55 day fast on the morning of Fasika (precisely 3am in the morning). The last 3 days before Fasika, many strict Orthodox will not eat anything or drink any liquids at all. They will spend as much time as possible at church praying so that they
can feel closer to God.  

We are so blessed to be able to celebrate Easter in Ethiopia. There is so much opportunity to share God’s love and have a response of understanding and desire to really know Him. Many hearts are turned to Christ and are open to His sacrifice.

We held an Easter program on Friday for our families at Grace. At the end we showed the Jesus film. Most of the mothers had never seen his life brought to life like this. They do not have TV's nor watch films. It really moved me to look into so many mothers eyes as they left, seeing that they were REALLY so very grateful for what their Savior had done for them.

Thank you Jesus for all you have done. Your sacrifice was not in vain.

He made the ultimate sacrifice so we would truly know Him and know His love. Let’s not forget about the many who are still yet to know His life changing sacrifice.

The mothers and children watching the Jesus film