Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let It Rain. Let It Rain. Let It Rain!

Today’s blog comes with a plea for prayer and an expectation that God will move. A couple of weeks ago I posted photos on my facebook of the kids celebrating the rainy season beginning. They ran around and splashed in puddles and had a shower in the pouring rain. Since then it had rained only once. The weather has been so hot and dry, but not much rain. This is a concern. A much a bigger concern than watching my garden die.

The Amhara region in Ethiopia is largely responsible for producing much of the countries staple produce. There is a great concern that the rainy season has not properly started. In saying ‘great concern’ I mean huge desperate concern.

This morning we sat together in the Grace HQ lounge room with our leaders as we do each morning at 9am ready to start our day in prayer. Worku our Senior Social Worker came with a burdened heart. The burden for his mother’s village and the surrounding areas who were desperate for rain. The village people are so worried that they are calling a day of fasting and prayer. No food or entertainment. A day dedicated to seeking God’s face and believing that He will move and bring the rain. We are going to join with them and fast that day and believe that God will move!

So we prayed this morning that God would send the rain. Today we saw Him move as we watched the clouds come over and received the heaviest rain we have had this year! What an answer to prayer, what an encouragement! The clouds have again past over, but we are believing that God will continue to send the rain. This is just the beginning!

We ask that you please join us in praying for rain for the areas of Ethiopia that need it. Pray that enough rain would come and crops would grow full and well. That God will be glorified and hearts would be turned towards Him.

I’ll keep you updated!

Dee x

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  1. Yes I will! Blessings to you and your team! Let it rain Lord ~ show your glory to your people! Looking forward to being with you all this summer with Julie Field!